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August 17

Loox Reviews: My Thoughts After 1,000+ Customer Reviews

In the physical world, there is such a thing called word of mouth. It is a testimonial from people who have tried the product. Online, this rarely exists. 

Now, we know that the word of a person is a powerful statement. Negative feedback will certainly dissuade a person from a buying. On the other hand, positive feedback is likely to convince someone to make a purchase. 

But how will you get feedback from customers to on your Shopify store? And how will you get feedback if no one has bought an item yet? 

The answer to this is Loox—an app that is dedicated to product reviews. Today, I want to share with you my knowledge about this app. 

We will talk about the following things in this Loox review:  

  • What is the Loox app?
  • What are the features of the Loox app?
  • What are the benefits of using the Loox app?
  • Loox pricing: how much does it cost? 
  • Who should use the Loox app?

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to decide if you want to give this product a shot. From my standpoint, there is no denying that you need a product review app—it is only a question of which one to choose. 

Loox Reviews Shopify App

What is Loox Reviews?

Loox Reviews is a product review app for Shopify users. Once you integrate it with your store, your customers will be able to leave feedback after they make a purchase. 

The beauty of Loox Reviews is that you are not limited to the feedback from your customers—you can scrape feedback from the original supplier of the product. This feature applies to dropshippers who source their products from AliExpress. We will talk about this feature in detail later on.

With Loox, you can even collect reviews with photos, not just text. And since you can track who leaves feedback, you can even reward customers who leave you a positive review. 

Social proof is the main thrust of Loox. All of us are online consumers, and we know that the power of feedback is Amazing. Whenever we go to eBay or Amazon, we look at product reviews. The products that have the highest rating are the ones we usually get attracted to. 

This is the same kind of feeling you want your customers to have, and you can only make this happen if you have an app like Loox.  

What are the Main Features of Loox Reviews?

Now, let us take a moment to review the features of Loox. At the very least, it is a product review app, but it can do more than that. 

  • Collect reviews – even if the main function of the app is to collect reviews, the developers added some functionalities to this. For example, you can get reviews not just from your website, but also via email, push notifications, and Facebook. 
  • Automatic reviews – some buyers do not leave reviews, but they will if you ask them to. With Loox, you can program it to send an email to the buyer to leave a review. The system knows who has left a review and who hasn’t.
  • Discounts for reviews – with Loox, you can create a discount which can only be applied if a customer left a product review with photos. This cannot be tricked because the system only allows actual buyers to leave photo reviews. 
  • Backtracking – you can ask customers to leave reviews even if they have purchased for quite a while already. You can ask reviews from customers who bought the item for as far back as three months. 
  • Review Importing – if no one has bought an item yet, you can import reviews from the supplier, provided that the supplier is from AliExpress. Will discuss this in detail in a bit. 
  • Customer engagement – you can reply to the reviews left by your customers; use this as an opportunity to resolve issues or thank those who left a positive review. 
  • Sidebar and pages – you can set a sidebar button that says “reviews.” If a customer clicks on it, the reviews would appear in your site. You can also create a dedicated page where a potential customer can read all the reviews about your store.  
  • Review display – you can display the review rating of a product right above the ADD to CART button. This makes the product more credible, and the customer is more likely to add the product to the cart and check out. 
  • Carousel – you can add a carousel of reviews to your home page. This review carousel shows different products on your store and the review rating for them. 

In review importing, you can show the reviews from a product even if that product was not bought from your store. Let say that you are selling the toy below in your store, and you are sourcing it from this seller on AliExpress. 

Import AliexPress Reviews With Loox

As you can see, the seller has 855 reviews with a rating of 4.9 out of five stars. If you have no sold any of this item yet, you can program Loox to show the reviews from AliExpress. 

What are the Main Benefits of using Loox Reviews?

Now, let us review why you should use Loox. The capability to get reviews is just one of the features, but what actual benefits will the app provide you? 

  • Credibility – customers love to see and read reviews of other buyers. The more positive ratings you have, the more credible your store is going to look.
  • Save time – you no longer need to send emails or crate discounts for customers one by one. All you need to do is to click some buttons and set some parameters. Once you launch your discount and message, it works on auto-pilot. 
  • Legal – the tool is GDPR compliant; you have no risk of being sued for non-compliance to the law. 
  • Expansion – you can integrate the app on other platforms, so it is easier for you to get traffic and raise awareness on different channels. 

The Loox app also improves your authority. It allows you to send emails to your paying customers, and these emails carry your brand. As such, you are establishing your store as a stand-alone entity—an authority in your selected niche. 

Loox Reviews Pricing: How Much Does it Cost? 

Loox offers a 14-day free trial. During this time, you should be able to see the app in action, and then decide if you want to use it or not. Let me discuss the different price points or plans with you so you can make an informed decision.

Loox Pricing

 1. Basic – $9.99 per month

In this plan you are limited to 100 monthly review request emails but it's perfect if you're just getting started with Shopify.

You can ask your customers to leave photo reviews of your products, and then offer them discounts if they did so. This plan gives you access to the product reviews, ratings, and the widgets that you need to make these processes happen. 

2. Advanced – $29.99 per month

With this plan, your monthly email request for reviews is increased to 500. You will also get all the features available in the Basic plan. On top of that, you can integrate the Loox app with two other apps called Recart and PushOwl, plus you can customize your review platforms, such as how the start look, or how the reviews are presented in your store.

3. PRO – $59.99 per month

On this plan, you get 1,500 monthly email requests for reviews. You get all the advanced features, plus you can brand your review app as yours instead of showing the Loox name. You can also use the Loox app on Facebook or your Google Shopping store—the reviews for our products will show on Google Shopping search results.

4. Unlimited – $99.99 per month

This package allows you to send 10,000 email requests per month for reviews. This package is best for big companies, not for beginners. 

If you are just starting out, the best plan is the Basic plan. It has all the features you need to ask your customers to leave reviews. With this plan, you can also scrape reviews from AliExpress, plus you can also offer discounts to those who would leave a product review on your website.  

Who Should Use the Loox App?

Everybody should use the Loox Reviews app, no matter what niche you are in. Instead of spending money on other tools like banners and pop-ups, you are better off investing in a software like this. 

You see, announcement banners work, but there are alternatives to these—instead of using pop-ups and banners, just add a page on your menu that says “discounts” or “announcements.” Any customer who navigates your site will see what you have to offer, and you do not have to spend money on these plugins or apps. 

Product reviews, however, do not have an alternative. While many e-commerce platforms offer a review capability, they are not as extensive as Loox. With Loox, you can ask your customers to leave a review via email, and you can reward them with discounts if they do leave a photo review.

If you do this manually, you will be spending a huge chunk of your day figuring out who left a photo review and who didn’t. With Loox, you just program everything, and the software will operate like clockwork. 

The fee for the Basic Plan is nothing compared to the benefits you get. With Loox, you are investing in something that is like an ad—you have to look at Loox as a marketing tool and not just a product review tool. It is a basic component of every store.

All big online retail stores have high-functioning review platforms, and so should you.   


Loox is the best review app for Shopify. Loox is a functional app that you should certainly consider. If you are operating an online store, you can always use apps that may improve conversion rates, such as an upsell app or a bundle app.

The problem with these apps is that they do not fully convince your customer to buy. Instead, they only tell the customer how they can save money on their purchase. 

The Loox app, on the other hand, provides testimonials that tell your site visitor about the quality of your products. The Loox app is word of mouth in your online store—it gathers positive and negative reviews about your products, even if no one has bought the item yet.

And the best part? You are in control—you can share only the reviews that you want. It is up to you to share a number of positive and negative reviews. As such, you can filter out unfair reviews, and only leave those that are fair.

About the author 

Lyndon Scott

After leaving behind a career in the corporate property development world, Lyndon founded Carts+Conversions in addition to running his own eCommerce brands. Lyndon enjoys writing about different ways to run a successful Shopify eCommerce business so if you have any requests, please feel free to make contact! Thank you for reading.

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